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SmallRig Quick Release Mount Plate (Arca-Type Compatible) for AirTag MD4150
For Brands:
Sony,Apple,Nikon, Canon,Panasonic
For Models:
EOS R7,EOS R10,EOS R6,EOS R5, EOS R5C,FX30,Z 7II,Z 6II,LUMIX GH5 II,Alpha 7C,FX3,LUMIX GH6,LUMIX GH5,Alpha 7 IV,Alpha 7R III,Alpha 7R IV,Alpha 6300,Z 5,Z 7,Z 6,Z 9,LUMIX S5,ZV-E10,AirTag,Alpha 7 III,LUMIX GH5S,Alpha 7S III
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1. Built-in AirTag mounting compartment, easy to track the camera location

2. Sleek design, hide the AirTag effectively

3. Built-in Arca-Swiss quick release plate

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SmallRig Quick Release Mount Plate (Arca-Type Compatible) for AirTag MD4150 is designed for tracking the camera location easily via using the AirTag.The built-in AirTag mounting compartment allows AirTag to be quickly mounted on the bottom of the camera body. The mounting compartment is designed with a sleek hidden style to hide the AirTag effectively; the compartment cover is made of PC to avoid interfering with the tracking distance of the AirTag. Using durable M2.5 screws to prevent AirTag from being removed quickly, so as to maximize the possibility of finding your camera.The quick release plate has a built-in Arca-Swiss plate, which can be quickly connected to tripods and other accessories for shooting; the bottom has a built-in 1/4"-20 threaded hole, which can be attached to the quick release plate to achieve different setup in different scenes; the bottom plate leaves a strap hole to compatible with the wrist strap. Also, the AirTag mounting compartment has built-in EVA pads to protect the AirTag and prevent noise from moving the device.


DreamRigger: Peter Steeper

Designer: Clara Oswald



  1. 1. After the AirTag is attached to the product, use the iPhone APP "Find My" to track the AirTag up to 10 meters via Bluetooth proximity
  2. 2. After the AirTag is attached to the product, use the iPhone APP "Find My" to track the AirTag up to 100 meters or more.
  3. 3. Package doesn’t includetheAirTag.


  1. Compatibility: 

Sony Alpha 7S III/ Alpha 7R III /Alpha 7 III / Alpha 7R IV / Alpha 7 IV / Alpha 7C / FX30 / FX3 / ZV-E10

Canon EOS R5 / R5 C / R6 / R7 / R10

Nikon Z 5 / Z 6 / Z 7 / Z 6II / Z 7II / Z 9

Panasonic GH5 / GH5II / GH5S / GH6 / S5


  1. In the Box:

1 x Quick Release Mount Plate

2 x Wrench


  1. Specifications

Product Dimensions: 76.0 x 38.0 x 12.0mm

Package Dimensions:96.0 x 67.5 x 29.0mm

Product Weight: 49.0g ± 5.0g

Package Weight: 78.0g ± 5.0g

Material(s): Aluminum Alloy, PC

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