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VB99 mini V Mount Battery 3580
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1. Compact and lightweight to be carried around: designed to lighten the burden of the film industry, the VB series is approximately 30% smaller than traditional V-mount batteries!

2. Intelligent BMS chip for efficient and safe use: a built-in highly integrated BMS chip takes up less space while supporting varied fast-charging protocols and bi-directional 65W (Max) USB-C PD fast charging!

3. Various interfaces for high compatibility: compatible with camera/camcorder/monitor/wireless transmitter/video light, etc.

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Power up your DSLR with the compact and reliable Mini V-Mount Battery.

VB99 mini V Mount Battery  is about 70% of the size of a normal V-mount battery, given its highly integrated design which takes up less space, making it lighter and more portable! The highly integrated (fast charging protocol chip + MCU + voltage boost control) BMS chip supports a wide range of mainstream fast charging protocols (PD / QC / SCP / PPS / APPLE-2.4A etc.), bi-directional 65W (Max) USB-C PD fast charging, as well as adaptive voltage boost/ adaptive current regulation etc.! In addition, its customized intelligent BMS system ensures faster and safer charging by providing multiple protections against over-current / short-circuit / over-temperature / over-voltage etc. Such interfaces as USB-A / USB-C / D-tap / DC 8V / DC 12V /  V Mount are also included for efficient charging / powering of camera / camcorder / monitor / wireless video transmitter / video light / mobile phone / laptop etc., without using a V-mount plate to convert! The BMS chip has a 16bit ADC / power meter algorithm, together with an MCU and an OLED digital display for you to keep track of the battery's status at all times. Built-in premium high-performance battery (no inflated capacity), which is rechargeable and stable, meets MSDS / UN38.3 / IEC62133 / UL2054 / UL62368 and other internationally recognized standards, allowing you to capture every moment without burden!

Discover an extensive range of camera battery solutions for all your power needs!

In the Box:  
VB99 mini V Mount Battery × 1
Smallrig Custom Sticker Set × 1
User Manual × 1





Fireproof PC


14.8V 6.7Ah 99Wh

Rated Power

Discharge: 99W  Charge: 65W

 V Mount / D-TAP Input

8A (Max)

V Mount / D-TAP Output

14.8V / 14A (Max)

USB-A Output

QC2.0 / QC3.0 / AFC / FCP / SCP / DCP-1.5A / APPLE-2.4A

QC2.0 / AFC / FCP: 5V / 3A, 9V / 3A, 12V /2A

QC3.0: 4.2-9V / 3A, 9-12V / 2A

SCP: 4.5V / 5A, 5V / 4.5A

DCP-1.5A: 5V / 1.5A

APPLE-2.4A: 5V / 2.4A

USB-C Input / Output

Input 65W (Max)

Output 65W (Max)

 PD3.0 / QC2.0 / QC3.0 / PPS

 / AFC / FCP / SCP / DCP-1.5A /


PD3.0: 5V / 3A, 9V / 3A, 12V / 3A, 15V / 3A, 20V / 3.25A

QC2.0 / AFC / FCP: 5V / 3A, 9V / 3A, 12V / 2A

QC3.0: 4.2-9V / 2A, 9-12V / 2A

SCP: 4.5V / 5A, 5V / 4.5A

DCP-1.5A: 5V / 1.5A

PPS: 3.3-21V / 3A

APPLE-2.4A: 5V / 2.4A

DC1 Output

8V / Max3A

DC2 Output


Cutoff Voltage


Optional Charging Method

16.8V D-TAP charger, USB-C charger such as GaN charger with PD fast charging tech (up to 65W)

Product Dimensions

107.0 × 73.0 × 53.0 mm

Net Weight

550 g ±10 g

Package Dimensions

147.0 × 114.0 × 75.0 mm

Gross Weight

 740 g ± 10 g



  • 1. Please keep it clean, dry area, and away from corrosive substances to reduce the risk of short circuits.
  • 2. Please check its battery life regularly in case you need it anytime anywhere.
  • 3. If the battery is left unused for a long time, please charge it to about 70% every three months and put it in a dry and ventilated environment for a longer lifespan.
  • 4. Working temperature: -10℃- 45℃ (14℉ - 113℉),
  • Storage temperature:
    One month: -20℃ - 60℃ (-4℉ - 140℉)
    Three months: -20℃~45℃ (-4℉ - 113℉)
    One year: -20℃~20℃ (-4℉ - 68℉)
    Reference storage temperature/humidity:
    Temperature: 20℃±5℃
    Humidity: 60±15%
  • 5. It is normal for the battery to heat up slightly during charging or using.
  • 6. When using the D-TAP connector, please distinguish the positive and negative terminals, and do not reverse the battery.
  • 7. It's normal that for long time storage the battery will lose some power cause it has self-consumption.
  • 8. Do not exceed its rated output when powering up other devices.
  • 9. Keep it away from water or fire when using.
  • 10. Please avoid dropping or crushing.
  • 11. Children can only use it under adult supervision.

*Please note the import duty may occur, and it should be on buyer's side.

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