Connecting Atomos Ninja V to DJI Ronin-S

I have been shooting documentary and training videos my whole career as a photographer. It seems like it has always been an added duty for my photo work. Most of the time I used a dedicated video camera like the Canon XL-1 or various Sony or Panasonic models. Lately I’ve been using the LUMIX GH-5 made by Panasonic. Since I have needed to do more work away from a tripod I recently got a DJI Ronin-S gimbal.

The Ronin-S is great but I was missing the ability to monitor my work with the Atomos Ninja V monitor-recorder that I’ve been using. The Ninja V is great to work with and it makes it so much easier to shoot and edit videos.

I have been aware of a company called SmallRig that makes cages and accessories for mostly Dslr’s and Mirrorless cameras. My understanding is that they make top quality products. I came across a YouTube video on how to attach a different brand monitor to the DJI gimbal so I ordered the parts for my setup.

The three parts that are needed are as follows: SmallRig Mounting Plate for Ronin S #2214, SmallRig DSLR Monitor Holder with Nato Clamp #2100, and SmallRig ENF Mount with Nato Rail #2113. 

Mounting Plate for DJI Ronin S

The first step is to remove the accessory cover plate of the Ronin-S with the supplied hex tool. Attach the Mount Holder with the attached screws. Attach the Monitor Holder Mount to the Holder. Then attach the ENF Monitor Mount to the Ninja V. Slide this attachment onto the attached arm and adjust for the proper viewing angle. It takes longer to describe than to do the work.

Now you just attach a HDMI cable to the port on the camera and the monitor and your in business. The setup is a little heavy after long use but the quality of the work that can be achieved is well worth the trouble. This level of filmmaking was only achievable by the big movie studios just a few years ago.

The little gadgets are really the things that make life so much easier. The SmallRig accessories are made with an attention to detail that I really appreciate. I plan on looking forward to getting one of their camera cages for my LUMIX GH-5 and tricking it out with some of the attachments that are available.

Monitor Holder