How to Choose A Suitable Cage/L-Bracket For Sony RX100 VII?

Posted by SmallRig on 15th Oct 2019

How to Choose A Suitable Cage/L-Bracket For Sony RX100 VII?

Sony RX100 VII is named as the best compact camera you can buy. Its pro-level performance for both still shots and movies can completely meet the needs of professional photographers, videographers and vloggers.

Sony RX100 VII is an ideal camera for vloggers.

It records at 4K with a full sensor readout and has one of the fastest autofocuses out there with reaction time of 200th of a second, 0.02 which is impeccably fast seen only in Sony's A9 Camera.

A microphone jack is added to the new RX100 VII, which is a most welcome feature for Vloggers.

In order to deliver a perfect vlogging, we need a cage to help to mount the microphone and light.

SmallRig Cage for Sony RX100 VII CCS2434 is a good choice. It features a cold shoe on the top and right side for microphone or light which makes vlogger’s work much easier. In addition, the wooden handgrip and the increased space between the grip and lens ensure holding comfort.

If you want a more portable cage, you can choose SmallRig L-Shaped Wooden Grip with Cold Shoe for Sony RX100 VII LCS2438.

It features two cold shoes, one on the top and the other on the bottom so that you can attach light and microphone at the same time.

Multiple 1/4"-20 accessory threads on the side and bottom. The wooden handgrip and increased space between the grip and lens to ensure holding comfort.

The best pocketable camera with superior image quality

For the first time, Sony has added single continuous shooting mode to its new device. Seven photos are captured after a single shutter released at three speeds: Hi90fps, Mid60fps, and lo30fps.

The only fly in the ointment is that the camera has no handgrip.  SmallRig L-Shaped Wooden Grip for Sony RX100 VII LCS2467 is designed for better grip comfort while taking photos.


We designed different accessories for Sony RX100 VII based on different scenarios. In order to let everyone see the positioning and usage scenarios of different accessories more clearly, I made a table below.

Comparison among three cage/L-bracket.