No more concerns about the overheating of Canon R5!

Posted by SmallRig on 17th Jul 2020

No more concerns about the overheating of Canon R5!

Since the release of the EOS R5 camera, one of the latest additions to Canon’s full-frame mirrorless camera line, there have been a lot of discussions about the overheating for the camera.
Lately, Canon released an official announcement regarding the overheating for EOS R5. The reason why not to install the fan inside the camera body is that to maintain the EOS R5’s compact size, lightweight construction and weather resistance. In order to manage the potential for overheating, magnesium alloy was used in the body to dissipate heat away from internal components.
Although Canon recommends using the “overheat control” function and an external fan to reduce the heat of the EOS R5, SmallRig has received a lot of suggestions from our customers for the accessories to dissipate heat.
Now We are working on the dedicated cages for EOS R5 and R6. Moreover, designing accessories to resolve the overheating of the EOS R5 is under our plan. 

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