MOFT x simorr Adhesive Laptop Stand 3330

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MOFT x simorr Adhesive Laptop Stand 3330

1. Easy to Fold, Move with swiftness.
2. Suitable Elevation, Maximum Comfort.
3. Small Body for a Heavy Lifter.
4. Attach and Remove Without A Hassle.

MOFT x simorr Adhesive Laptop Stand 3330 is a stand which is as thin as a coin, no space taken,no burden added when you are on the move. Takes seconds to use when needed, enabling anybody to work anywhere comfortably. It comes in at 25° , the ergonomic design provides a natural angle for the human body by raising your laptop screen 3 inches higher. It’s constructed with PU and fiberglass materials, making it lightweight yet solid to support laptops up to 17” in, weight up to 18lbs. The removable glue is meant to be stuck and detached from your laptop without leaving any residue or scratch on the surface. Reattaching comes with the same effectiveness.

Magic Blue

Package Includes:
1 x stand

Product Dimensions: 244*136*2.9mm
Package Dimensions: 150*268*44mm
Net Weight: 65g
Package Weight: 93.3g
Material(s): PU+Removable Glue


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