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SmallRig 1.55X Anamorphic Lens for Cellphone 3578
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Universal,iPhone 14 Series
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1. 1.55X widescreen and 2.76:1 wide-screen ratio imaging, bringing a visual experience comparable to the cinema, with the fantastic blue flares.

2. The lens has a standard M mount which is easy to install, able to connect with the phone cage/ phone case/lens clip with an M mount, and compatible with most mobile phones and tablets.

3. The lens and mount employ a split design and precise 4-point magnetic alignment which is convenient for accurate and rapid adjustment of the lens direction.

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SmallRig 1.55X Anamorphic Lens for Cellphone 3578 brings a 2.76:1 wide aspect ratio. In comparison with the conventional 16:9 aspect ratio, 55% additional horizontal picture is obtained without compression or cropping, bringing widescreen visual effect just like what you see in the movie. Besides, due to the lens’ structure, the fantastic blue flares will be presented under strong point light during shooting. The lens has a standard M mount which is easy to install, suitable for phone cage, phone case or lens clip with M mount and compatible with most mobile phone and tablet. Lens and mount employ a split design, and precise 4-point magnetic alignment, which is convenient for accurate and rapid adjustment of the lens direction. Brand-new design integrates the tradition of Panavision Anamorphic lens, and classic color matching combines retro lens elements. The main body is made of anodized aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and durable. Featuring small size and lightweight, it can be carried around to create videos, or used with a stabilizer to shoot videos.

Designer: Bear, Apollo

Precaution: Does not work with ultra-wide lenses;Not compatible with VND filter;Protect the lens from scratch which could affect the shooting quality. It is only suitable for devices with an M mount. When installation, make sure the lens is completely horizontal or vertical, which can be confirmed by observing the scale line on the surface of the lens or whether the blue flares are straight. An app is required, and FiLMic Pro is recommended. Keep away from strong acid liquid

iPhone 11、12、13、14 series,Samsung Galaxy S21、22 series,HUAWEI P40、P50 series,Xiaomi 12 series;iPad Pro(2021),iPad Air 5,iPad mini6, etc.

1 x Anamorphic Lens
1 x Lens Clip
1 x Filter Ring Adapter

1 x Silicone Lens Cap
1 x Lens Cleaning Cloth
1 x Storage Bag
1 x Carrying Bag

Product Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 21.2 mm
Package Size: 126 x 108.5 x 57.5mm
Product Weight: 47.5g±5g
Package Weight: 201g±5g
Angle (diagonal): MAX 120°
Magnification: 1.55X
Distortion: -37%
Minimum Object Distance: 70-90mm
Mount Type: Standard M mount
Optical Structure: Two Schott low dispersion lens x 2 sets
Coating Film Specification: Multilayer antireflection broadband
Material(s): Aluminum alloy, glass、silicone, magnet, etc.
Processes: Anodizing, painting

*Please note the import tax may occur.


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