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SmallRig 17mm Threaded Lens Backplate for iPhone 13 Pro Cage 3635

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SmallRig 17mm threaded lens backplate for iPhone 13 Pro cage 3635

Key Features:
1. Can be used with a 17mm threaded lens to enhance the quality of your iPhone camera.
2. It is locked by screws, can be replaced by the M-mount backplate of the original cage after removing it.
3. The precise holes do not block the camera of your iPhone.

SmallRig 17mm threaded lens backplate for iPhone 13 Pro cage 3635, can be used with 17mm threaded lens, the backplate is locked by three screws which can be removed, and can be replaced by the original M-mount backplate of the cage 3562, allows to attach lenses of different mounts; The precise holes do not block the camera such as Ultra -Wide of your iPhone.

Designers: Bear,Terry Lu

Note: Will only be used with SmallRig iPhone 13 Pro cage 3562; keep it away from strong acids.

iPhone 13 Pro cage 3562

Package Includes:
1 x 17mm Threaded Lens Backplate
3 x Screws
1 x Wrench

Product Dimensions: 84.6 x 51.5 x 5.8mm
Package Dimensions: 106 x 99 x 33 mm
Net Weight: 20g
Package Weight: 50g±5g
Material: Aluminum Alloy

*Please note the import tax may occur.