SmallRig 8'' Lightweight ARRI Dovetail Plate DPR2304
Key Features:
1. 8 inches ARRI dovetail plate;
2. Multiple 1/4’’-20 and 3/8’’-16 threaded holes;
3. Multiple through slots;
4. Safety pins on both sides.

SmallRig 8'' Lightweight ARRI Dovetail Plate DPR2304 is compatible with ARRI baseplate such as SmallRig 1642, 2266, 2035, etc. It features multiple 1/4’’-20 and 3/8’’-16 threaded holes for tripod attachment. It also comes with several through slots where you can put in screws for tripod attachment, or mounting to SmallRig Shoulder Pad 2057. On both sides there are safety pins preventing the camera rig from accidentally sliding off.

Designer: Clara Oswald

ARRI standard baseplate

Package Includes:
1 x plate
4 x 1/4 Screw
1 x Hex Spanner

Product Dimensions: 203 x 66.84 x 15 mm
Package Dimensions: 220 x 110 x 40 mm
Net Weight: 208g
Package Weight: 260g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy

*Please note the import tax may occur.