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RC 60B COB LED Video Light 4376
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1. Wireless: ready-for-use built-in battery; no need for mounting battery plate, NP-F battery, V-mount battery, or various power cables. Battery life of 45 minutes at maximum power and 75 minutes in ECO mode. Supports PD Type-C input up to 100W (65W and above PD power bank and PD adapter). LED can be used while charging.
2. Lightweight LED lighting: compact, the body is smaller than RED KOMODO; weighs only 650g, a perfect handheld lighting rig.
3. High-quality 60W CCT adjustable light source: color temperature range 2700K-6500K; illumination of 2,670 lux (bare light source, at 1m/5600K) and 11,200Lux (with hyper reflector, at 1m/5600K). CRI reaches 97+, TLCI 98+, SSI average reaches 89, TM-30 Rf 96, TM-30 Rg 100, ensuring more accurate color rendering and better ability to restore the solar spectra.
4. Brand new experience: redefines the power supply, way of control and lighting of 60W LED Video Light, provides a Type-C port that allows PD power supply up to 100W and supports most fast charging/power supply standards; 1.3-inch LED display screen shows more lighting indicators, separate knobs quickly adjust color temperature/illumination. Optional accessories such as power bank holders and softboxes are optional for you to improve battery life and light control capabilities respectively.
5. Silent cooling fan: smart temperature control system facilitates heat dissipation and produces less noise (roughly 26dB within 1 meter; roughly 23dB in ECO mode), suitable for video recording. 
6. Lightweight and portable: the overall weight including accessories and carrying bag is about 1.5kg, so feel free to expand content creation.

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