SmallRig Adjustable Baseball Cap A1 3400

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SmallRig Adjustable Baseball Cap A1 3400


Key Features:
1. Quick adjustment, easy to put on
2. Breathable, free from stuffiness and greasy hair
3. Antibacterial, odorless after one day’s wear
4. UPF 50+
5. Machine washable cap with stable structure
6. Non-bead design, allows wearing a monitor headphone at the same time


SmallRig Adjustable Baseball Cap A1 3400 is our first functional cap specially designed for cinematographers. In harsh sunlight, it protects eyes and quickly removes moisture to keep head dry and avoid greasy hair. It will not smell bad even when you sweat after prolonged wear, hence requiring less washing to save energy. In addition, the cap features a high UPF rating that exceeds international standards and protects the scalp from sunburn. During photography where monitor headphones are often needed, the cap can easily and steadily fix the monitor headphone with its non-bead design. Just turn the cap adjuster on the right side clockwise with one hand to fit your head size, and turn it counterclockwise to unlock the headband.

Designer: Alan Hu

Product Dimensions: 270 x 18 0x 125mm
Package Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 95mm
Net Weight: 94g
Package Weight: 120g
Material: Polypropylene Fiber

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