SmallRig Arca Quick Release Clamp for Zhiyun Crane M2 DPC2508

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SmallRig Arca Quick Release Clamp for Zhiyun Crane M2 DPC2508

Key Features:
1. Arca-Type Quick Release Clamp for Zhiyun Crane M2
2. Keep Access to the Battery Door of Camera
3. Features Slots for Smartphone Mount and Motion Cameras.
4. Features Scales for Precise Positioning

SmallRig Arca Quick Release Clamp for Zhiyun Crane M2 DPC2508 is designed to replace the original camera plate that comes with Crane M2. The mounting plate has an integrated arca-swiss clamp without raising the current height of the original mounting-plate that comes with the M2.
You can quickly release your camera between gimbals and Arca tripods, and still keep access to the battery door on camera without forcing you to remove it and re-balance all the time. The Arca clamp secures to M2 gimbal via the quick-release rail on the side. Featuring slot for smartphone mount and motion cameras. Besides, it features a rubber pad to protect the camera and features scales for precise positioning.

Designer: Clara Oswald
Co-Designer: LessTalkMoreDelicious

Zhiyun Crane M2

Package Includes:
1 x Arca Clamp Baseplate
1 x Hex Spanner

Product Dimensions: 108 x 37.4 x 10.5mm
Package Dimensions: 170 x 40 x 23mm
Net Weight: 52g
Package Weight: 85g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel

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    The best customer service and idea I've ever seen

    Posted by Kyle Li on 24th Feb 2020

    Okay, first off - I just want to praise Smallrig's customer service team for being virtually the best customer service I've ever seen in my entire life. I preordered this product, and they actually kept in contact with me to make sure I wanted the product still despite delays. Not only that, but when they did ship it, they sent it through fedex EXTREMELY URGENT airmail from CHINA, arriving in only 2 days! It must have cost them more in shipping than this product was worth! This literally blew my mind and I couldn't stop telling my coworkers about it.

    Now about the actual product, this is one of the most innovative products I've ever seen. Its just as light as the normal Crane M2 plate, the same dimensions (despite being a little longer for the screw), same color, and has made my entire workflow go from taking 5+ minutes to set up, to just a few seconds. I absolutely refused to use the old plate and keep it on my a6400 because it blocked my battery and SD compartment - and having a small arca plate such as the Peak Design one is absolutely beautiful. Being able to just slide the quick release plate to adjust my tilt axis rather than use some unwieldy tension screw has also saved me such an insane amount of time. This also completely, utterly, crushes the problem of trying to balance heavier lenses such as the sigma 16mm f1.4 on my a6400 because there is no big fat screw at the bottom to hit the arms of the Crane m2. Seriously, this is the most genius product I've ever seen and I now basically worship smallrig if they can keep pumping out products like this. This should have been the default plate that came with the crane m2 and smallrig definitely has to contact zhiyun and see if they can manufacture these plates for them for their next gimbals.

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    Please make this for the Ronin-S!

    Posted by Adam on 27th Dec 2019

    I want exactly this for a Ronin-S!!

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    Very good idea

    Posted by ILYA IZAKSON on 27th Dec 2019

    I bought two original plates for my Zhiyun Crane M2 and modified one of them to mount my camera and another one to mount my cellphone keeping appropriate position without additional balance adjustment. The item you created resolves the issue very easy. Good idea. Thank you.

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    Posted by William Zhao on 4th Dec 2019

    This looks extremely useful! I was waiting for someone to make exactly this! If you keep a arca swiss plate on your camera, this is a must have.