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SmallRig Battery Adapter Plate for Sony 7.2V NP-F Series 2140

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This item is still in design stage. We are brainstorming with our valued customers - that is you! Please share with us if you have any ideas or suggestions. If your idea is adopted as a core concept, you will be a CO-DESIGNER of this brand-new product and get one FOR FREE once it is officially released. Product details, subordinate functions, materials are subject to change without notice.

Designer: Bill Wang
SmallRig Battery Adapter Plate for Sony 7.2V NP-F Series 2140

This battery adapter plate is designed for Sony NP-F series, with a FW50 dummy battery to charge Sony mirrorless cameras. At the side there is also a DC tap (7.2V In/Out) to charge cameras or monitors. With a 3/8’’-16 screw hole, two 1/4’’-20 screw holes and two thorough holes on the plate, it can be easily mounted to the camera kit. This adapter helps provide more power to your camera rig.

NP-F batteries

Package Includes
1 x Battery Adapter
1 x NP-FW50 Dummy Battery
2 x 1/4’’-20 Screw
1 x Hex Spanner

Product Dimensions:100X50X25mm
Net Weight:96g
Materials:Aluminum; ABS


  • 5
    Great idea

    Posted by William Zhao on 4th Dec 2019

    This is much needed. But like others have said, the dummy battery should not be hard wired, but plugged into the unit by a 7.4V barrel connector. That way you can plug dummy batteries for other brands. Not just Sony. Have another 12 V plug also. A USB 5V would be awesome too!

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    Product "2140" is an Excellent 2140 idea / product

    Posted by Thomas Carlsson on 25th Jan 2019

    This product should be divided into two parts – The "SmallRig Battery Adapter Plate for Sony 7.2V NP-F Series 2140" should be divided into two parts – One is the battery holder, with 2 or 3 out connections – Then other is accessories like the "NP-FW50 Dummy Battery" or other "Dummy Battery" for different cameras etc...
    My second suggest is to put all outgoing connections on the short side/sides of the battery holder – This to allow mounting 2 battery holder side by side on a rig.
    I will mainly use this for powering a "Ninja V" and also some LED light on the rig.
    I second to use "standard" connections like "D-tap" or/and secure power connections.

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    Yes Please!

    Posted by GMTMT Films on 21st Nov 2018

    We use 5 x SONY A7rii rigs and this would be such great help for long shoots. Suggest to have extra cable length for varied positioning, perhaps have the excess tuck away in a void on the underside of the unit?

    Update:Thank you so much for your product suggestion. We have passed it accordingly to our R&D team, they will contact you for more information. Appreciate your kindly support.

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    SmallRig Battery Adapter Plate for Sony 7.2V NP-F Series 2140

    Posted by shireen on 3rd Sep 2018

    Nice idea! the hard cable between the block and the fake battery limits the use to different camera models. If you make this interchangeable that may help with options for different camera models.

    Suggest 1 additional USB port (to supply power for other usage) and battery indicator?

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    SmallRig Battery Adapter Plate for Sony 7.2V NP-F Series 2140

    Posted by JP on 18th Aug 2018

    Nice compact design. This will be very useful for Sony A6500 and A7 cameras, for example, especially coupled with a SmallRig cage. Is the dummy battery cable permanently part of the adapter or does it plug in?

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    This is a much needed product

    Posted by Christopher on 16th May 2018

    Awesome idea. This is definitely needed; not just for Sony cameras but for accessories too. I suggest replacing the permanent dummy battery with a second DC output. It would be helpful to offer both Sony W series and Z series dummy batteries when this goes into production.

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    SmallRig Battery Adapter Plate for Sony 7.2V NP-F Series 2140

    Posted by tim foster on 11th Apr 2018

    Great Idea. We would buy some.
    But why limit to one camera adapter for one camera?
    Add a connector like the 2-pin LEMO-type push/pull connector and a
    D-Tap port and it's a walk-off home run...


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    Love it!

    Posted by Mat on 30th Mar 2018

    I currently own a similar adapter plate but I love that this one has multiple screw attachment points (I just like having two screws hold an accessory in place so that it doesn't move). This set up would also be perfect to mount into a nato clamp (what I have done with my single screw adapter plate). Cheers!