SmallRig Camera Cage for Canon EOS M50/M50 II/M5 2168

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SmallRig Camera Cage for Canon EOS M50/M50 II/M5 2168
Key Features:
1. Designed for EOS M50 /M50 II /M5.
2. 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16, ARRI 3/8"-16 Accessory Threads, Cold Shoes, and NATO Rails.
3. Built-in Arca Plate on the Bottom.
4. Built-in Flat Screwdriver on the Bottom.

SmallRig Camera Cage for Canon EOS M50/M50 II/M5 2168 provides formfitting protection and accessory mounts for your camera. It mounts to the camera using a 1/4"-20 screw, with anti-twist design and rubber cushion on the base plate preventing wiggles or scratches. It comes with multiple 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded holes allowing mount of accessories. For example, you can attach SmallRig Lightweight Top Handle 2949 or 2821 for hand-held shooting, and use SmallRig Cable Clamp 1822 to protect the HDMI cable. ARRI locating holes on the side are designed to work with SmallRig Aluminum Arri Locating Side Handle HSS2426 or SmallRig Ball Head Magic Arm 2115. The cage features a built-in Arca plate on the bottom which makes it convenient to directly mount on Arca clamps. The cage maintains full access to the camera’s buttons, ports, and battery. It comes with attachment points for hand straps and neck-straps. A flat screwdriver is included on the bottom of the cage.

Designer: Jiang Tao

1.This cage is NOT compatible with SmallRig Wooden Side Handle 2093 or SmallRig Aluminum Side Handle HSS2425;
2.It is recommended that you choose SmallRig ARRI Locating Side Handle HSS2426 if you need one.

Canon EOS M50
Canon EOS M5
Canon EOS M50 II
Viltrox EF-EOS M Lens Mount Adapter
Canon EF-M Lens Adapter

Package Includes:
1 x cage

Product Dimensions: 133 x 98 x 54mm
Package Dimensions: 160 x 120 x 68mm
Net Weight: 150±5g
Package Weight: 220±5g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy

*Please note the import tax may occur.


  • 5
    Excellent cage

    Posted by Tony Silveira on 5th Jul 2020

    I got this cage for Live video recordings. Not only is solid and well built make makes the camera look more professional. I ca now use different accesories and have access to all camera functions without any obstruction to functions, The only issue is that I keep buying more smallrig parts to my rig lol

  • 5
    Smallrig Cage for Canon EOS M50

    Posted by RE Hoch on 7th Jun 2020

    The Canon EOS M50 is a terrific camera, but I was concerned about the plastic body. Enter the Smallrig Cage. The cage fits the camera perfectly and provides just the right amount of protection. The built-in Arca plate makes it very easy to connect and disconnect the camera from my vlogging arm/ball head. The design makes it easy to expand the capabilities of the camera. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    everything I've purchased from Smallrig is quality

    Posted by Neil D Lefkowitz on 3rd Jun 2020

    This cage is awesome! I can change the SD card or battery without removing the cage. Gives the camera some heft. I buy all Smallrig accessories. I've never been disappointed.

  • 5
    Must have

    Posted by Chris on 29th May 2020

    Hands down the best thing you can do for your m50 is get this rig !!!!

  • 5
    SmallRig Cage for Canon EOS M50 and M5

    Posted by Per Øivind Johansen on 13th Mar 2019

    A Perfect match for the M5 and my big hands :-)

  • 5
    Great in so many ways!

    Posted by Nikola on 12th Sep 2018

    I got this cage because I'm in love with the M50. Unfortunately my hands are quite big and the camera is tiny. Found about this cage from a Youtube video and ordered it straight away. The cage provides a way better grip + the added protection is a welcome bonus. It's not perfect grip-wise but it's way better than the stock one. I also needed some extra weight because the camera and lens alone (Canon ef-m 22mm f2) was too light to work with my gimbal (Moza Aircross). Now I can properly balance it. The bottom plate is also great - you can mount the camera directly on your tripod! I don't use the rig with other accessories for now but it's a good thing to have options. Overall a great product. And the shipping was quite fast.

  • 5
    Reveiw of Canon M50 rig

    Posted by Dan on 6th Aug 2018

    The product shipped quickly, was well-priced, and fit perfectly with the Canon M50.

  • 5
    SmallRig Cage for Canon EOS M50

    Posted by Ralegh Greenwood on 30th Jul 2018

    Amazing build quality. Perfect fit, light weight and has absolutely everything you need. With the addition of the optional "Action Stabilizing Universal Handle" this is the perfect accessory for the M50!

  • 5
    The SmallRig Cage For The Canon M50 Is Perfect!

    Posted by Paul Sikkema on 28th Jul 2018

    There are three features that I really like about this cage. 1. The handgrip makes the M50 much easier to hold for people with larger hands. I really like the feel of the grip. 2. The bottom of the cage is a standard ARCA Swiss mount. 3. You can open the battery/memory card door all the way with the cage attached to the camera. When mounted on a tripod you no longer have to remove the camera from the tripod to change the battery or memory card! Here is a YouTube video I made on this new cage: