Designer: Evans Pan 

SmallRig cage 2226 for SONY A5000/A5100

Product highlights:
1.Compact, form-fitting and custom-designed for SONY A5000/A5100
2.Able to mount a lens adapter support protecting lens adapter
3.Improved grip comfort and enhanced shooting experience
4.Highly customizable through multiple mounting points

SmallRig cage 2226 for SONY A5000/A5100 is a form-fitting cage designed for SONY A5000 and SONY A5100 camera. Camera can be secured through the 1/4” threaded hole on the bottom of the cage. It is anti-twist on the front and it compatible with lens adapter support 1787 to protect lens mount. Rubber pads are fitted on the cage underneath a camera adding to the friction and preventing any scratch. The design retains full access to the built-in flash and buttons on the top, and top handle 1984 can be mounted for handheld shooting. It also comes with a cold shoe and a few 1/4”threaded holes allowing attaching cold shoe mount 2044 for mounting a monitor. On both sides of the cage are 1/4”and 3/8”threaded holes and an arri locating hole making possible attaching a magic arm and arri locating handle. In addition, HDMI cable clamp 1693 can be mounted on the left side of the cage ensuring solid signal transmission. A handle can be mounted on the right side enhancing grip comfort while shooting. Lastly, the cage can easily mount on a quick release plate thanks to a few 1/4” threaded holes on the bottom. Full access to the battery compartment door is retained.

Sony A5000
Sony A5100

Package includes:
sony A500/5100 cage*1

Product dimensions:123.5 X 82.1X 41.5mm
Product weight:138g
Material:Aluminum alloy

SmallRig Cage for SONY A5000/A5100 2226

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