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Camera/Camcorder Action Stabilizing NATO Handle 1955
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1.Sliding left and right on the Rail to keep your camera balance

2.Slide forwards and backwards to find the balance point of your rigs

3.Built-in Shoe mounts on the top, front and back

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SmallRig DSLR Action NATO Handle 1955 is a sliding top handle for moving shoots. It is designed for quick release attach and detach on the camera without screws. Simply slide onto Safety NATO Rail and tighten down the thumbscrew. Except for sliding it from left to right on the rail to keep your camera balanced, you can also slide it forwards and backwards to find the balance point of your rigs. The handle is equipped with two shoe mounts on the top and at the back respectively, to which the light accessories, such as microphone, magic arm, could be attached. This handle is equipped with the hole pattern for ARRI accessory mount pins, so you can attach ARRI compatible extension blocks. The grip provides 1/4" & 3/8" mounting points for additional accessories. Additionally, we specially offer a 1/4" spanner for free access. It is quite convenient when you need to improve the camera and rigs balance.

Designer: Tracy Joy

Safety NATO Rails

Package Includes:
1 x NATO Handle
1 x 1/4" Spanner

Product Dimensions: 118 x 25 x 66mm
Net Weight: 151g
Package Size: 187 x 102 x 62mm
Package Weight: 197g
Material: Aluminum Alloy

Remarks: Some customers have given the feedback that SmallRig DSLR Action NATO Handle 1955 is incompatible with some NATO rails. Thus, we have updated and improved the product. The customers who have purchased NATO Handle 1955 and found it incompatible could contact our customer service staff to get it changed.

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