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Clamp-on Lens Adapter Ring (114mm-80mm/85mm/95mm/110mm) 3408
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1. Clamp-on rings for SmallRig Matte Box.

2. Split design for a secure fit.

3. Quick disassembly and assembly, efficient and time-saving.

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SmallRig Clamp-on Lens Adapter Ring (114mm-80mm/85mm/95mm/110mm) 3408 allows you to clamp your matte box to the front of your lens quickly. The kit includes 4 clamp-on rings and 1 storage bag. The adapter rings are compatible with lens with Φ80mm/Φ85mm/Φ95mm/Φ110mm front outer diameter. Made of high-strength, durable POM material. The adapter ring features a split design allowing for gentle compression that holds your matte box securely on your lens.

Designer: Jerry Zhang

SmallRig Matte Box 2660, 3641
The lens with Φ80mm/Φ85mm/Φ95mm/Φ110mm front outer diameter

Package Includes:
1 x 114mm-80mm Adapter Ring
1 x 114mm-85mm Adapter Ring
1 x 114mm-95mm Adapter Ring
1 x 114mm-110mm Adapter Ring
1 x Storage Bag

Product Dimensions: Φ114 x 9mm
Package Dimensions: 130 x 120 x 50mm
Net Weight: 90g±5g
Package Weight: 140g±5g
Material: PBT

*Please note the import duty may occur, and it should be on buyer's side.

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