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Designer: Evans Pan

Smallrig Coiled Male to Female 2.5mm LANC Extension Cable 2201

Key Features:
1.2.5mm Male and Female LANC Extension Cable
2.13”Long End to End Coiled and 39" Long Extended
3.Allows to Relocate the Panasonic EVA1/Sony FS5 Handgrip
4.Right Angle Connector to Protect the Cable Plug

Smallrig Coiled Male to Female 2.5mm LANC Extension Cable 2201 features a right-angle 2.5mm jack and 2.5mm female plug. The cable allows the Panasonic EVA1, Sony FS5 handgrip and other handgrips with 2.5mm LANC port to be moved further away while retaining electronic control. It measures about 13”long from end to end and allows to extend up to 39" long. Optional Panasonic EVA1 Handgrip Adapter 2137 can be used with the cable together to relocate the handgrip of EVA1.

Panasonic EVA1, Sony FS5 Handgrip and other 2.5mm LANC Handgrips

Package Includes
1 x LANC Cable

Product Dimensions:350 X 25 X 14mm
Net Weight: 18g
Package Weight: 34g
Material(s): PU