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SmallRig Cold Shoe Handle 2094

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Designer: Yetta White

Note: The max load is 1.5kg.

SmallRig Cold Shoe Handle 2094
SmallRig Cold Shoe Handle 2094 is designed for DSLR cameras and cages. It offers lots of additional attachment options and enables the camera to release its potential to the utmost as per the needs of cameraman during shooting.

Key Features:
1.It could be mounted on the hot shoe of camera for handheld shooting.
2.It could be locked tight via a thumb screw manually and thus will not loose.
3.Built-in cold shoe on the top of handle is anti-off designed lest accessories with cold shoe adapter will drop down accidentally.
4.It comes with a 15mm rod clamp for 15mm rod whereby microphone bracket, EVF support and follow focus could be mounted.
5.It feels good due to the smooth structure and thus offers a very comfortable handheld experience for the cameraman.

It is equipped with an abundance of 1/4’’-20 and 3/8’’-16 threaded holes for DIY operations. It could be mounted with Monitor Holder Mount 1842 for monitor. Arri locating point on the top could attach Magic Arm 2026 for monitor. It comes with three built-in cold shoes. The one in the front could attach microphone directly or Magic Arm 1875 for monitor. It features an anti-off button on the side to prevent the accessories from accidental removal. The one in the rear could be mounted with wireless voice receiver.
It comes with a built-in 15mm rod clamp to attach 15mm rod for NATO Rail with 15mm Rod Clamp 1910 and EVF Support 1594 and then monitor. It could also attach 15mm rod and then microphone bracket for microphone.
It features a cold shoe adapter at the bottom, with a thumb screw above operated manually to lock it tight. The cold shoe handle could be placed on the hot shoe of camera or mounted on the side of cage for handheld shooting.


Package Includes:
1 x Cold Shoe Handle

Product Dimensions: 124x24.5x70 mm
Net Weight: 165g
Package Size: 180x100x40 mm
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy


  • 5
    The cold shoe handle fits the DSLR well

    Posted by Ogelsvie on 8th May 2018

    The cold shoe handle fits my DSLR well! It supports handheld shooting and features quick release and attachment. The built-in cold shoe could be mounted with flash light or microphone. Fantastic!

  • 5
    The designer agrees with me and change it as per my advice

    Posted by Samuel on 7th Apr 2018

    I want to say I do make a little contribution to the final design of the handle. I notice that the handheld part of handle is not user-friendly at first. It seems a little rough and it is designed that way for the sake of decoration only. Thus, I tell the designer to smooth the handheld parts thus the handheld parts could feel better when hands are on it. The designer agrees with me and change it as per my advice.

  • 5
    I had been engaged with the co-design process of this product

    Posted by Hagar on 30th Mar 2018

    I had been engaged with the co-design process of this product. I contacted the designer and had a smooth communication with him. I say, maybe we should have a thumb screw to lock it tight because the thumb screw could be operated manually and conveniently. Finally the team adopted the plan and delivered a sample for me,.

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    SmallRig Cold Shoe Handle 2094

    Posted by Rolf Jon on 26th Feb 2018

    This item is well made and useful but has a flaw in that the attachment to the camera hotshot is not sufficiently secure. My new Olympus M1 II camera with 12-100MM F/4 lens (mounted on a Square Rig camera cage for this camera) crashed to the floor while I was carrying the camera by the Square rig 2094 handle. I will have to use it with a security strap

  • 2
    Not what I expected

    Posted by Kyle on 18th Feb 2018

    This isn't terrible but I bought it thinking that the thumb screw actually had a screw underneath for a secure fit (much like the old C300 top handle, I'm using it with a C300 Mark II).

    Unfortunately, this is not the case. The thumb screw simply creates tension on a fairly slick piece of metal that clamps directly onto the two thin sides of the camera's hot shoe. This is not very secure and shifts around, even when tightened very hard by hand. The only way to prevent shifting is to tighten it with a tool, which defeats the purpose of why I bought this.

    The size is nice (fairly compact, but easy to hold). The 15mm rod grip is great. However, another big issue is the size of the 3 cold shoe mounting points. They are all VERY small and tight. It is not possible for me to fit 2 of any of my cold shoe mounted accessories on the end that has 2 cold shoes on it.

    Overall, I would not have purchased if I had been able to try it first. Might work okay for smaller DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, but definitely not good for a C300 or bigger.