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SmallRig DreamRig Products Purchasing Unit 0000

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SmallRig DreamRig Products Purchasing Unit 0000

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SmallRig launched “DreamRig Plan” from 2016. It’s a program for customize personal products free of charge. We aim to fully meet filmmakers’ needs, as if you submit the product design, we will manufacture it from ideation to reality. Therefore, every DreamRig is originally designed by SmallRig customers for customers.
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Here is what you need to know before you place the order
1.Get amounts of units equal to the product price;
2.Please make an order instruction of your DreamRig when checking out;
3.DreamRig only charge you the basis freight charges regardless of weight; if your order include other products, DreamRig won’t incur freight charges .


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    Z-CAM E2 Dual Bebob Micro Battery Plate

    Posted by Tom Visser on 11th Jun 2020

    Unit fixes rigidly to the 4 M3 mourning points on the back of the E2 body, unlike other solutions which rely on the strength of a few plastic tabs of the NP-F mount. One can mount either 2 Bebob A-MICRO or V-MICRO battery plates for either redundant hot swap and extended runtime or two electrically independent power sources. The end form factor is elegant and compact, plenty of clearance for cables and connectors, and give the camera a nice rear balance for using larger DSLR or cine lenses without increasing width or height profile.

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    needs a little work

    Posted by reuben pereira on 11th Jun 2020

    I recently received the plate, I love it, so nice to have it everything on one plate instead of plastic packets.
    I do have a couple feedbacks, one is the plate by itself is quite heavy, could we make it a little lighter by adding in more 1/4 20 threads in the empty spaces which will remove some weight and it will also deal with the second issue I faced which is having less space for the 1/4 20 bolts and that is the most common thread size and we all have a lot of those, another thing if we could add is a cut out for a TC2453 on the back of the plate?

    I have attached a pic with what i think would be useful. please let me know if you have any questions.


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    NATO rosette,excellent quality.

    Posted by Walter Corbett CSC on 3rd Jun 2020

    You should make these again.I made a quick release with product 2046

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    Fantastic quality

    Posted by 2109 magic arm on 3rd Feb 2020

    It is SO MUCH BETTER that all a have used before! Spring loaded ball head clamp, rigidity, smoothness and quality, is so nice!! Now I am thinking how to replace all my ballhead arms with SmallRig one’s. I thought that all ballhead arms are the same, but not now. i LOVE how ballheads are staying in place when knob fully unscrewed

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    My development

    Posted by Feyruz Puladov on 5th Jun 2019

    I am engineer-designer, and I often ordered details for camera rig, the crane, the stabilizer and other devices on local shop with manual machines. details were not exact and not beautiful.
    I incidentally saw the section dreamrig on the SmallRig website, and I thought "it for me". I sent my first project "fastening for additional handles" of ronin S. I was surprised as beautifully and precisely made a detail as if as a standard accessory of ronin S.
    I am very grateful to you friends! thank you! I will be glad to work with you further!
    P.S... I apologize for machine translation)

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    DreamRig Wooden CheeseHandle Grip Addon

    Posted by Jeff Becker on 25th Jan 2019

    DreamRig came through with a beautiful implementation of a wooden cheesehandle add-on. The fitment, texture and finish are great, and it even matched the wood grain on my SmallRig left handle. The rotation grip of my run 'n gun rig (and the sexiness factor) is vastly improved now. DreamRig were excellent at communicating the requirements and actions needed, even through my many f*** ups, and the end result is great.
    Thanks DreamRig!!!

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    Custom orders

    Posted by Paradise Pictures on 7th Nov 2018

    This is a great service - whether you need parts to assemble a custom rig, or want something made from scratch, SmallRig can do it. I was very happy with a recent one-off parts purchase which enables me to mount a NATO handle on either the top or side of my cage, depending on how I need it set up. Good work guys!