SmallRig L Bracket for Sony A6600 LCS2503

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SmallRig L Bracket for Sony A6600 LCS2503 is modular designed with anti-twist flanges to keep the camera from twisting and provide a comfortable grip to support pinky. Both the base plate and side plate are Arca-type compatible dovetails enable the camera to mount in a vertical or horizontal position. It secures to the bottom of camera via a 1/4 screw. Each axis features a sensor centering line to align the camera on a tripod head. The side plate can be extended to left if more room is needed for tethering or cable release. The bottom comes with a flat-head screwdriver allows you to install the L bracket in seconds. Featuring multiple 1/4"-20 threaded holes on the side and bottom for accessory attachment. The side of L plate integrates with a cold shoe for mic or light which is especially helpful when you are shooting from the front of the camera for vlogging or selfies. Optional right-side shoe mount relocation plate BUC2496 is provided for more accessories with no obstruct the L bracket.

Key Features:
1. Modular Designed for Sony A6600. 
2. Arca-Type Plate with Center Marks on Each Axis.
3. 1/4”-20 Accessory Threads & Cold Shoe Mounts.
4. Integrated Slot for Carry Strap.
5. Built-in Flat-Head Screwdriver.
6. Extendable Side Plate for Side Port Access.

Designer: Yetta White

Sony A6600

Package Includes:
1 x L Bracket

Product Dimensions: 130 x 58.7 x 79.6mm
Package Dimensions: 160 x 120 x 68mm
Net Weight: 123g
Package Weight: 190g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy

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    SmallRig L Bracket for Sony a6600

    Posted by James Meyer on 30th Jan 2020

    Having upgraded from a Sony a6000 to the a6600, I needed a new quick-release plate. I was going to get another L-bracket from Really Right Stuff, but these reviews and the price convinced me to try the SmallRig L-bracket. I ordered it directly from SmallRig in China because it wasn't available yet on Amazon or B&H, so it took about 3 weeks to arrive (what they promised). Like the other reviewers, I am impressed with the quality, finish, and design. I would say that the finish is about 90% of what I would expect from RRS. I do have a few caveats however. The first is that it is noticeably heavier than the RRS version, since it has extra material for the part that attaches to the camera. The SmallRig site lists their L-bracket at 123g, while the RRS is listed at 46.3g. The combo that I am using, the a6600 with the Sony 16-55mm f2.8, is already heavy compared to my previous combo of the a6000 and the Zeiss 16-70 f4.0, so I now have a pretty hefty handful. Still, I think it will be OK to carry around for extended periods. The other thing is that I don't really feel that the camera with the SmallRig bracket fits better in my large-ish hands. Maybe I'll get used to it, but the base of the bracket protrudes under my pinky and my finger wants to slide in underneath my other fingers, which are already somewhat cramped. With the RRS plate, my pinky would simply rest underneath the battery door. It seems to me that the extra metal and extension of the grip isn't really that necessary, at least for me. I would have given it 5 stars for value and overall quality, but I felt I had to mark it down a little because of the issues above. I'll give it some time and hopefully get used to it.

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    Worth the investment, but small detail wish

    Posted by Steve on 14th Jan 2020

    Finally received the SmallRig® LCS2503 L Bracket in the USPS today. Wow took a long time. From 12-6-19 order date to today 01/09/20. Economy shipping. No instructions. There is a small red 2” x 2 ¾” card with a QR scan code on it. I registered it via this today. It appears to be very good quality. Fits camera very well. Seems to resolve the lost pinky finger grip issue. Just wish the bracket surface right, where your pinky finger touches, was more like the camera grip. It’s very smooth like the rest of the bracket. They resolved this on the LCS 2417 for the Sony A7R IV L bracket. I asked them to help me with this and was advised to check YouTube videos for leather stick-on products. Hand strap seems to fit well in the side slot. Little screwdriver works and is held in place by magnets. There is a little silver bar / pin on the bottom. This is for straps / slings like Peak Design Anchor straps/links. On the bottom are also 2 milled out areas that just happen to line up with my Arca-Swiss Delkin Q.R. clamp base safety pin. This was a nice surprise. So far, I’m satisfied. Only thing I would add/modify is the pinky surface. Need that leather added here for me to be perfect. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 start. Otherwise worth the investment.

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    High quality L bracket

    Posted by ILYA IZAKSON on 1st Jan 2020

    I bought the bracket for my new camera. The bracket is really perfect. Matches my camera like a glove. High quality machine processing. Fast delivery and fair price. Very satisfied with the purchase.

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    Posted by dev-null on 28th Dec 2019

    I've only used RRS plates for my Nikon and Sony bodies but decided to look for a more economical choice for the a6600 and I wasn't disappointed. The fit and finish is at least as good as RRS at half the price and it's available now.

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    Versatile L-Bracket for Sony A6600

    Posted by Steve Forbes on 22nd Dec 2019

    I am very happy with my SmallRig A6600 L-Bracket. It securely fits the camera base, and the magnetically attached tool used to screw the bracket on and adjust the side plate is a convenient touch. The addition of several 1/4" threaded holes and a cold shoe bracket allows the attachment of accessories (although I would prefer if the cold shoe was forward facing). It is the first L-Bracket that I've owned which covers the camera base entirely which is probably a good thing as it afford some additional protection for the body.

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    Excellent Product

    Posted by Mark Bisgrove on 12th Dec 2019

    The fit and finish of this bracket is excellent. All doors open perfectly and it blends into the body great. To top it off, the price is perfect. I own many types of products for my many cameras over the years. I looked at Really Right Stuff for the new A6600 as I like the company. But to me having the base extend around the battery door gives a deeper, better grip to the camera. I can still open the battery door with ease and the overall look and feel is so much better. The new A6600 has improved depth in grip due to the new Z battery but is still a shallow height body compared to A7 series. Adding this bracket improves that when needed (like using a larger heavier lens). The slotted screw is convenient with a magnetic key always there, even if you can't find a coin in your pocket. Considering the price of a Really Right Stuff L bracket the SmallRig is so much cheaper and a better design also. RRS is a great (expensive) company but they failed on this L bracket in my opinion. I am very happy with the SmallRig purchase.