SmallRig Lightweight Fluid Video Head 3457

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SmallRig Lightweight Fluid Video Head 3457

Key Features:
1. Panoramic panning that supports Arca-swiss quick release
2. Adjustable center of gravity suitable for various lenses
3. Detachable telescopic handle is lightweight, portable and easy to store
4. One 1/4''-20 threaded hole allows attaching devices via magic arm
5. Built-in screwdriver for easy removal and installation of quick release plate

SmallRig Lightweight Fluid Video Head 3457 is specially designed for videoing and photography. It features panoramic panning and is Arca-swiss QR system compatible, allowing being fitted directly with Arca-swiss cages and L brackets. You may adjust its center of gravity back and forth by turning the side knob when using large lenses or mounting camera horizontally. The head comes with a removable telescopic handle that supports 360° swivel and one 1/4''-20 threaded hole to fit a magic arm for such devices as monitor, microphone, image transmitter or even camera. A built-in spanner is also included for removing or installing quick release plate.

Designer: Tracy Joy

Heavy cameras and lenses may affect tilt experience of the head.

Compatibility:Fits tripods with 3/8 screws
Load Capacity: 5kg
Tilt: +90°/-60°
Product Dimensions: 104 x 77.5 x 62mm
Net Weight: 512g±5g
Base Diameter: 46mm
Folded Length of Telescopic Handle: 140 ± 5mm
Max Length of Telescopic Handle: 330 ± 5mm

Package Includes:
1 x Lightweight Fluid Video Head
1 x Quick Release Plate
2 x 1/4''-20 Screw
1 x Screwdriver

Product Dimensions: 104 x 77.5 x 62mm
Package Dimensions: 201 x 126 x 93mm
Net Weight: 512g±5g
Package Weight: 653.5g±5g
Material: Aluminum alloy

*Please note the import tax may occur.


  • 5
    Always Smallrig for the win!

    Posted by Kyla on 9th Apr 2022

    Such an awesome spare video tripod head. Now this is not the end all be all last video tripod head you will ever buy¡­ no. This is just a perfect accessory to keep in my pelican for just in case I am filming something on the go and I only have my photo tripod with me.

  • 5
    Nice for smaller cameras

    Posted by Dave Evers on 6th Apr 2022

    Good for tripods that don¡¯t come with a decent camera head. Quick release plate works well with smaller cameras. Recommended

  • 5
    Better than advertised!

    Posted by Nascar Bill on 5th Apr 2022

    I own 2 Manfrotto carbon legs with the Manfrotto 700RC2 fluid heads. These heads are TOO HEAVY and the Manfrotto mounting system is archaic. Problems solved with the Smallrig 3457 fluid head aluminum with Arca Swiss mounts!! The fluid action is equal to the Manfrotto at 1/2 the price. I"m 100% satisfied with the Smallrig 3457.

  • 5
    Best fluid head I've ever used

    Posted by VinDaddy1969 on 26th Mar 2022

    This is so well made! I'm really spoiled by Smallrig! Their equipment is by far more superior to any other rig equipment out there. This is the way!

  • 4
    Great Fluid head!!

    Posted by bk on 24th Mar 2022

    Very compact, sturdy and well made, with full compliment of features. Not lightweight but, worth carrying the weight. Use with Sony A6000 series with 16-70mm lens and is perfect.

  • 5
    Very well made and nearly perfect!

    Posted by Michael on 23rd Mar 2022

    From all outward appearances, this fluid head is extremely well made and very functional. Everything on it operates smoothly and the fit and finish is very high quality. It¡¯s hard to tell what, if anything that isn¡¯t visible (springs, etc), might fail in a short timeframe, but for the price, I¡¯m happy with this and I have high expectations for longevity and durability. The only thing I wish it had was a slightly larger base. I use this on a Manfrotto 055XB tripod, which has set screws for fastening ball heads, etc. The SmallRig base doesn¡¯t cover those screws, so I can¡¯t really use them to ¡°lock¡± the base in place.

  • 4
    Very sturdy and light video head for traveling

    Posted by Cliente de Kindle on 21st Mar 2022

    The manufacturing of this video head is surprisingly well for a very compact size. I tested over a Peak Design aluminum tripod with head attachment and a Lumix G7 camera. The head hold the weight and balanced very well. The arm is long enough to keep good control even in slight motions with telephoto. The fluid head work smooth enough for any recording situation, but be careful, is so light that any vibration is noticeable. Need firm hand. The knobs are made of metal for long duration. Very good choice for traveling tripod and video head. Next vacation is going to be my main photo equipment.

  • 5
    Wow, this is small, light and packed with features

    Posted by Gregory A. Corson on 19th Mar 2022

    Honestly, when you see the box this comes in you will probably think you were sent the wrong thing. It's THAT small. But considering the size it is solid and very smooth moving. This can hold over 10 pounds of weight but weighs only about a pound. Very sturdy all metal construction. To help make it compact the handle telescopes out to whatever size you want. You can adjust the angle of the handle or completely remove it if you want. Also it has TWO pan axis which is different from many heads. One pan axis is where the camera attaches to the tripod with a 3/8 screw, this attaches to the tilt part of the head, then there is a second pan axis on top of that. Gives you a lot of flexibility for shooting in unusual angles. All the axes can be locked and both pan axis are labeled in degrees. The camera mount is an Arca Swiss quick release plate. An interesting feature is that you can slide the quick release plate forward and back a bit AND the pan axis right under it can also slide forward and back. This can be handy for balancing the camera on the head. It's not going to balance out a long lens on the camera (unless you attach the head to the lens itself) but it will work well for balancing out cameras with small-medium size lenses. They give you 2 1/4-20 mounting screws for the camera and there is also a hidden alan wrench you can use to tighten these. A handy thing because you never seem to have a coin for tightening screws when you need it! They complete all this great utility by putting a 1/4-20 socket on the side of the head which you could use to attach a small monitor/recorder, light, mic or other accessory. There is even a small bubble level on the base of the tripod to help you get the horizon flat for panoramic shots. Some people have mentioned the bottom pan axis is too stiff. I think the problem here is that on some tripods the 3/8 mounting bolt goes up so far into the pan axis that it grinds against it and prevents it from moving. On most tripods you can adjust the depth of the 3/8 bolt so if your bottom pan seems to be dragging, try not screwing the 3/8 bolt up into it as far. If your tripod's mounting bolt is too long and can't be adjusted, you can solve this problem with a few washers. Overall I think this has a ton of applications. The small size and light weight make it a good video head for travel and should work well on any tripod or monopod. On a slider, this is much more flexible than a ballhead and allows for more camera positions. If you are putting the camera on a long pole to get it into tight spaces, the double pan head design can be useful to get the camera pointing just the right way. You get a lot of features in a small package with this, highly recommended.

  • 4
    So small but so good!

    Posted by Gerald Bertram on 13th Mar 2022

    Finally! I have found my perfect head for my slider! So I have one of those smaller motorized sliders and I have been having a difficult time finding a good head to mount to it. It needs to be small as I don't want a bunch of added weight to my slider. Ball heads were a non starter. This miniature video head almost seems like it was designed specifically for sliders for mirrorless cameras. It works THAT well for that purpose. The build quality of this head is just outstanding as you might expect from the folks at SmallRig. Everything is metal here, no cheap plastic parts to be seen. All edges are very smooth and every part is cleanly machined. I do want to say that unlike another reviewer, I found that both the pan and the tilt was incredibly smooth. In fact it better than most other $100 video heads I've used. I can't say for sure if this is really a fluid head or not but SmallRig says it is and it certainly feels very close to a fluid head. Seem surprising if it was a true fluid head at under $100. Regardless, all movements are super smooth. The amount of adjustments is pretty amazing here. You even have a center of gravity adjustment and VERY few budget priced heads have that. It's perfect if you have a heavier rig on here and you want super smooth tilts. Having everything balanced is a big plus. I like that the handle collapse down so if I am packing it away it takes up a little less space. This head is quite heavy for it's size but that kind of tells you the amount of metal used here. Just an incredibly solid head. Perfect for smaller cameras like mirrorless or DSLR. It should work ok for smaller since cameras, like the Red Komodo. With larger cameras I would look elsewhere.