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SmallRig Shoulder Pad Pro (Shipping Area: North America) 2837
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1. Designed for SONY VCT-14 quick release baseplate and can realize the quick switch between shoulder and tripod shooting modes.

2. ARRI rosette mount can be fitted to form the shoulder handle kit.

3. Front and rear standard 15mm double rod system, and the front double rod can be adjusted vertically for 24mm.

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SmallRig Shoulder Pad Pro 2837 is designed for SONY VCT-14 quick release baseplate, which fits the camera through Manfrotto 501 quick release plate. Users can realize a rapid switch between shoulder shooting and tripod shooting through the shoulder pad. Both sides of the shoulder pad are standard M6 ARRI rosette mount, which can be installed with the original control handle of 1810 or FX9 machines. The front and rear ends of the dual rod system have a standard diameter of 15mm and a spacing of 60mm. Moreover, the front-end dual rod system can save 24mm for up-regulating, which can guarantee the spacing between the lens center of FX9, FS5, URSA MINI, CANON C300, and other devices to be 85mm as the standard. In order to facilitate users to adjust the equipment’s center gravity and install the following focus and matte box, 2837 can be adjusted forward about 80mm through the built-in Manfrotto 501 quick release plate, and the front two tubes can be adjusted together with the quick release plate, so there is no need to remove the equipment such as follow focus and matte box. The right side of 2837 is reserved with a 1/4 "-20 threaded hole, which can be used for installing magic arm and other products. The shoulder pad adopts the new silicone shoulder pad, which conforms to the shape of human shoulders and is soft and comfortable. In addition, the 2837 built-in flat wrench can be used on-demand. 

Designer: Tracy Joy & Kylin Wu

Note: This product is not compatible with Zacuto VCT-14 plate and VCT-U14 plate.

Canon C100/C200/C300/C500
Panasonic EVA-1

Package Includes:                                   
1 x shoulder pad

Product Size: 251 x 98 x 51mm
Package Size: 330 x 115 x 90mm
Product Weight: 740g±5g
Packed weight: 885g±5g
Materials: Aluminum alloy, silicone

*Please note the import tax may occur.

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