SmallRig Sony FX6 Shoulder Kit 3459

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SmallRig Sony FX6 Shoulder Kit 3459

Key Features:
1. Dedicated shoulder kit for SONY FX6.
2. Two-handed shoulder kit, compatible with the original trigger grip.
3. Power supply solution, allowing for long-time shooting.
4. Ergonomically designed silicone shoulder pad for a comfortable shooting experience.

SmallRig Sony FX6 Shoulder Kit 3459 includes: Extension Arm 1870, 15mm Rods 1049 and 1050, Shoulder Pad 2837, Top Plate 3186, LCD Screen Adapter 1831, Grip 1891, V Mount Battery Plate 2991, D-Tap Power Cable 2932, Lens Support 2681. This two-handed shoulder kit features better balance control. Its highly elastic foam shoulder pad fits shoulder arc for a more comfortable shooting experience. The extension arm with ARRI Rosette provides a telescopic adjustment function, you can adjust the arm length according to your own needs. Extension Arm 1870 works with Handgrip Adapter 3403, allowing repositioning of the original handgrip. Made of high-quality wood, the ergonomic wooden handle suits palm arc for a comfortable grip, and the shoulder pad comes with a built-in screwdriver for easy assembly and disassembly. Besides, 15mm rods connect the V mount battery plate and to the D-Tap power cable, together with a V mount battery, provides a power supply solution for long-time shooting.

Designers: Nico Robin, Terry Lu


Package Includes:
1 x Handgrip Adapter 3403
2 x Extension Arm 1870
1 x 15mm Rods 1049
1 x 15mm Rods 1050
1 x Lens Support 2681
1 x Shoulder Pad 2837
1 x Top Plate 3186
1 x LCD Screen Adapter 1831
1 x Wooden Grip 1891
1 x V Mount Battery Plate 2991
1 x D-Tap Power Cable 2932

Product Dimensions: 251 x 98 x 51mm
Package Dimensions: 390 x 348 x 336mm
Net Weight: 2128g±5g
Package Weight: 3110g±5g

Material: Aluminum Alloy

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