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SmallRig Top Handle with Extensions for FS7/ FS7II/ FS5/ URSA Mini/ RED KHTR2309

SmallRig Top Handle with Extensions KHTR2309 is custom designed for FS7/ FS7II/ FS5/ Ursa Mini/ RED. It includes Top Handle 1979 and extensions.

Key Features:
1.Compatible with multiple top plates, such as Top Plate 1852, 1853, 1748, 1974 and 1681
2.Features 15mm rod clamps on the handle to attach 15mm rods for microphone mount.
3.NATO rail on the bottom of the top handle to attach NATO clamp for assembling and disassembling quickly.
4. Built-in cold shoes on the handle for attaching microphone or monitor mount.
5.Features ARRI locating holes at both ends of the handle for attaching extensions.
6.Multiple 1/4”-20 and ARRI locating threaded holes on the top handle and extensions for accessories attachment.
7.ARRI locating system at both ends of the extension for extending the top handle1979 and increasing grip space.
8.Built-in wood at the bottom of the extension makes hand-held shooting more comfortable.
9.Easy to assemble and disassemble via thumb ARRI locating pins.

Top Handle 1979: Top handle 1979 is designed for FS7 / FS7II / FS5 / Ursa Mini /RED, which needs to be used with top plates, such as Top Plate 1852, 1853, 1748, 1974 and 1681. It features 15mm rod clamps that could attach 15mm rods to mount microphone, monitor, wireless follow focus or wireless transmitter. And it comes with NATO rail at the bottom to attach NATO clamp, thus the top handle could be assembled and disassembled quickly. The cold shoes on the top could attach microphone or monitor mount. Also, it is equipped with ARRI locating holes at both ends, which could attach extensions for extending its length. Multiple 1/4’’ threaded holes and ARRI locating holes for accessories attachment, such as Magic Arm 2026.

Extensions: It features ARRI locating pins and ARRI locating holes at both ends of the extensions for extending the length of the top handle1979. With more grip space, it helps to shoot from the ground when using long and heavy sets. Besides, the extension makes it easier to balance your sets. And it comes with multiple ARRI locating holes and 1/4’’ threaded holes on the top and both sides of the extension for accessories attachment, such as Monitor Holder Mount 1842 and Magic Arm 2115. Built-in wood at the bottom of the extension makes handle shooting more comfortable.

Designer: Nico Robin
Co-designer: Pedro Nascimento

Package Includes: 
1 x Top Handle 1979
3 x Top handle straight extensions
1 x Top handle right angle extension
3 x Hex Spanners
2 x 1/4’’ screws

Product Dimensions: 454mm*109mm*170mm
Package Dimensions: 180*180*80mm
Net Weight: 903g
Package Weight: 1010g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy, Wood

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