SmallRig Vlogging Camera Cage and Mic Adapter Holder for GoPro HERO8 Black CVG2678

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SmallRig Vlogging Camera Cage and Mic Adapter Holder for GoPro HERO8 Black CVG2678

Key Features:
1. Form-fitting aluminum cage.
2. Press-type locking cover to secure the camera.
3. Two cold shoe mounts, multiple 1/4”-20 holes and a 52mm filter adapter.
4. Unobstructed use of USB-C port and quick release side panel.
5. Folding GoPro mounting fingers on the bottom.
6. GoPro mic adapter holder.

SmallRig Vlogging Camera Cage and Mic Adapter Holder for GoPro HERO8 Black CVG2678 is a lightweight aluminum cage that protects the camera while providing plenty of accessory mounts, without interfering with the camera's button, port and battery access. Slide the camera into the cage (take off the camera’s side battery door first), and simply press the cover to lock it in place. The cage features two cold shoes and several 1/4”-20 holes for accessory mounting, like a microphone, a small LED light, SmallRig Cold Shoe Mount 1593 or cold shoe 1960. The GoPro mic adapter holder is fixed to the right side of the cage using two included 1/4”-20 screws. The folding fingers on the bottom let you attach the camera on a variety of GoPro mounts and surfaces; while the 1/4”-20 mount at the center makes it possible to attach the camera on a 1/4”-20 tripod. The side panel is quick release for battery switches, and you can charge the camera through the USB-C port without opening the panel. The front of the cage features a filter ring that accepts filters with a 52mm thread.

Designer: Clara Oswald

1. Please take off the camera’s original battery door before using the cage;
2. You can also use the original battery door, but need to remove the cage’s side panel first for battery switches and charging;
3. If you do NOT need the GoPro mic adapter holder, please buy SmallRig CVG2505.
4.There might be darkening around the corners if you’re shooting in SuperView with the HyperSmooth stabilization turned off or taking stills in the widest field of vision (16-34mm).
5.Please don’t use the cage in seawater because it has no acid and corrosion resistance.


GoPro HERO8 Black

Package Includes:
1 x Cage
1 x Mic Adapter Holder
2 x 1/4 Screw
3 x Hex Spanner

Product Dimensions: 122.1 x 63 x 31.8mm
Package Dimensions: 120 x 100 x 40mm
Net Weight: 135g
Package Weight: 185g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy

*Please note the import tax may occur.


  • 4
    Great protection for your action camera. Best accesory for vlogging.

    Posted by M.A.Vázquez on 5th Jun 2020

    The cage quality is amazing. SmallRig is always a guarantee. Perfect if you use with the audio adapter for vlogging. The possiblity of adding 52mm filters is great for creativity and protection purposes. The only con that I found is that as far as I see It's necesary to remove the side door when the cage is mounted, so the camera won't be waterproof. For this reason I don't give the 5 stars.

  • 5
    Quality plus

    Posted by MR STEPHEN CARROLL on 5th Mar 2020

    Solid build, perfect fit to Hero 8, 52mm lens adapter adds protection and versatility.

  • 5
    Well thought out protection for your GPH8

    Posted by RS on 3rd Feb 2020

    This cage is by far the nicest I’ve seen. The construction is top notch with a superb finish to match. No rough edges or burs. The metal is solid and provides almost indestructible protection for your camera. The fit and finish is seamless overall. The cutout for the monitor on the back is perfect and obscured nothing. No rattling or jiggling in the latches, hinges or other joints. Opening the case to swap out a card or remove the camera is a breeze thanks to the easy to release latches, which so far appear super reliable. I don’t see them breaking in any way over the long term. They are very solid with no wiggle room. Since it keeps the price down and makes the filters easy to find the 52mm filter ring is perfect for adding either a UV filter for protection or maybe an ND or CO or other artistic filters. The cold-shoe mount is perfectly placed on the top and machined for a perfect fit. Besides easy clips to open the cage though the features that really make the cage for me are flip down go pro mounts on the bottom of the cage. It’s very elegant and makes packing/ carrying the camera much easier. And finally the mic adapter holder is super light weight and elegant, made even better because you can repurpose it in other cages if you need something more robust for your setup. Otherwise it holds the mic adapter securely and keeps it out of the way.

  • 5
    Best Gear for your GoPro 8

    Posted by Tracy on 3rd Feb 2020

    Amazing build , lightweight and great protection for your camera. Pefect for on the go and versatile for attaching accessories.