SmallRig Wireless Remote Control for Select Sony Cameras 2924

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SmallRig Wireless Remote Control for Select Sony Cameras 2924

Key Features:
1. Camera remote control for select Sony cameras.
2. Start and stop recording.
3. Bluetooth wireless connection within a 32.8' range.
4. Secures to handles or cages with 1/4”-20 screw, and can be fixed to camera tripod via a hook-and-loop strap.

SmallRig Wireless Remote Control for Select Sony Cameras 2924 is designed to provide self-recording without causing a shake to the camera and hence shortens post-processing time. The remote control incorporates a recording function that controls start and stops recording. Featuring a fast and stable Bluetooth connection that enables transmission within a 32.8' range. Once paired, it will automatically connect the camera the next time you turn it on. It can be mounted onto handles, cages, and any accessories with the captive 1/4”-20 screw, like SmallRig Side Handle 2903 and Top Handle 2094 for handheld shooting and can be attached to the tripod or other pillar objects via the attached hook-and-loop straps. A lock switch on the side prevents accidental settings changes when the remote is not in use. Additionally, an LED indicator light shows the recording status.

1. Insert the battery with the + terminal facing upward.
2. Turn the lock switch, and the LED indicator light blinks for one second.
3. Pairing the unit with the mounted camera
Select MENU——Network——[Bluetooth Settings]——[Bluetooth Function]——[On]
Select MENU——Network——[Bluetooth Rmt Ctrl]—— [On].
Select MENU——Network——[Bluetooth Settings]——[Pairing].
4. Press the REC button for at least 7 seconds.
5. When a confirmation message SR-RC1 appears on the camera’s screen, select [OK].
6. When pairing is complete, [Paired] appears, select [OK].

If pairing fails
1. Confirming the setting on the camera, select MENU——Network——[Bluetooth Rmt Ctrl] and make sure that [On] is selected.
2. Turn off the unit and camera setting [Bluetooth Function], and then repeat the procedure all over again.
3. Check if the camera’s firmware is the most updated one.

1. To stop pairing: press the REC button for more than five seconds untill the indicator light blinks for five seconds; release the REC button, the indicator light blinks for three seconds, then the undo is successful.
2. The Bluetooth connection range of 32.8' is an estimation, which depends on your surroundings.
3. If the memory card is full, the remote control will not respond when you press the REC button.
4. Please turn off the lock switch when not use.

Designers: Bear, Nico Robin

Sony ZV-1
Sony ZV-E10
Sony RX100
Sony Alpha 6100 / Alpha 6400 / Alpha 6600
Sony Alpha 7C
Sony Alpha 7 III
Sony Alpha 7S III
Sony Alpha 7R III / A7R IV
Sony Alpha 9 / Alpha 9 II
Sony Alpha 1
Sony FX3

Package Includes:
1 x Remote Control
2 x Battery
1 x 1/4 Screw
2 x Allen Wrench
2 x Hook-and-Loop Strap

Product Dimensions: 53 x 38 x 13.5mm
Package Dimensions: 135 x 135 x 55mm
Net Weight: 19g±5g
Package Weight: 51g±5g
Material: ABS+PC

*Please note the import tax may occur.


  • 4
    Good item that could be improved to perfectio

    Posted by Abdullah Ibradzic on 28th Jan 2022

    Regarding this remote control for Sony cameras i would like to point out few advices to SmallRig : 1. Add a button that can trigger a camera in photo mode since now works only for video recording 2. Make it out of metal, it wont change much for you but will means a lot for customers, since its little it tends to fall and cold be broken easly expecially the two strap holes on the sides which are thin. 3. Please add 2 screws or some other option regaring attachment, one screw cant hold in place and its keep turing around that one screw ( this is a must ) and since its plastic it cant be even tight harder it could break. So you need to find a better mounting option then now Think about mounting it to rigs, cages, gimbals and ring stabilizers what could be the best options

  • 5
    Works great with A7c

    Posted by NotSoFast on 14th Dec 2021

    I used this with the Sony A7c camera. First thought, it's super light and pretty small. There's attachment sites for straps or lanyards. It's made of plastic with one 1/4 screw up front to mount. There's a 5 point hex screw to open the battery compartment. Comes with 2 cr2032 batteries. Uses one battery, the other is a spare. Set up is easy. Just insert the battery. Then go to the camera's menu to turn on bluetooth. Pairing is super easy, just push the record button for 7 seconds. Zero issues at all. There's an on/off switch to turn off when not in use. Overall I really like have on my top handle and makes hitting record much simpler. If I had a couple suggestions, it'd be to have a bit of a rubbery material on the bottom so to limit it spinning around a single 1/4 mount. And...can you make it out of aluminum rather than plastic? Just cosmetics, but would make it feel better.

  • 5

    Posted by Spencer on 8th Dec 2021

    Awesome little trigger. The size is great and extremely versatile mounting options. My only gripe is it won't trigger the shutter for photos. I suspected that would be the case, but was hoping it might work. Hoping Smallrig makes a V2 with a photo/video switch on the side.