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Cage for Nikon Z 8 3940
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Z 8
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1. Full cage protects camera without blocking buttons;

2. Locks camera via one 1/4"-20 screw at the bottom, one locating screw and one side lock adapter on the right;

3. 1/4"-20 threaded hole, 3/8"-16 threaded hole, ARRI 3/8"-16 locating hole, cold shoe mount, NATO rail, QD mount, strap slot;

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SmallRig Cage for Nikon Z 8 3940 is designed to protect the camera and attach accessories. Locking the camera via one bottom 1/4 "-20 screw, one locating screw, and one side lock adapter on the right, the cage features rubber pads that prevent scratches and gives full access to buttons, card slots, flip screen, and battery door. Among its accessory mounting points, 1/4"-20 threaded hole, 3/8"-16 threaded hole, and ARRI 3/8"-16 locating hole support Side Handle 2093 & 3814, Top Handle 3765, Monitor Mount 2903 & 2904, Manfrotto Plate 1280 & 2458, Holder for Portable Power Banks 2336 and mini V Mount Battery Plate 2987; side 1/4"-20 locating hole fits Single Rod Clamp 3598 and Magic Arm 3873; and left NATO rail quickly connects Side Handle 3847 & 4017. Besides, there are cold shoe mounts for the microphone and LED video light; strap holes for Hand Strap 3848 & 2456; and QD mounts for the QD strap buckle. The bottom Arca-Swiss quick-release plate supports Arca-type tripods or DJI RS 2 / RSC 2 / RS 3 / RS 3 Pro gimbals for a quick switch between gimbal, handheld, and tripod modes. A double-ended wrench is also included for easy disassembly and assembly.

Designer: Clara Oswald

Please remove the split ring on the right of the camera before installing this cage.
Nikon Z 8 

In the Box:  
Cage x 1
User Manual x 1
Product Dimensions: 159.1 x 56.8 x 131.0mm
Package Dimensions: 184.0 x 178.0 x 80.0mm
Product Weight: 203.0 ± 5.0g
Package Weight: 371.5 ±5.0g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy

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