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SmallRig Extended Vertical Arm for DJI RS 3 Mini 4196
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DJI RS 3 Mini
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1. Lowers the center of gravity by 15mm, easier balancing, compatibility with heavier cameras and no block to camera movement;

2. Clear auxiliary leveling scale for quick balancing and switch between horizontal and vertical shooting.

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SmallRig Extended Vertical Arm for DJI RS 3 Mini 4196 is designed to support various other cameras, such as Sony FX3 with 24-70mm lens, Canon R5 with 24-70mm lens, FUJIFILM X-T5 with 16-55mm lens and LUMIX GH6 with 12-60mm lens. The extension arm is appropriately 15mm longer than the original one, lowering the center of gravity of camera, and would not block camera movement. Besides, clear leveling scale facilitates quick balancing and switch between horizontal and vertical shooting.
Designer: Clara Oswald  

DJI RS 3 mini

In the Box:                                  
1 x Extended Vertical Arm

Product Dimensions: 110.8 x 20 x 20mm
Package Dimensions: 106 x 98 x 33mm
Product Weight: 40±5g
Package Weight: 66±5g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel

*Please note the import duty may occur, and it should be on buyer's side.

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