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SmallRig MOFT x simorr Adhesive Phone Stand 3329
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iPhone Series,iPad Series
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1. Standing in Best Angle

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MOFT x simorr Adhesive Phone Stand 3329 is Only 4.2mm thin, perfectly hidden on the back of the phone, and weighs 25g, carried on without any burden. The ergonomic fold-line allows 1-second easy hold. Providing 40°and 60°viewing angles, that enables you to look at the phone screen in a comfortable way, whether you’re browsing the web in portrait mode, or watching a movie in landscape mode. The removable glue is meant to be stuck and detached from your phone without leaving any residue or scratch on the surface. while being tough and strong enough to endure all kinds of pulling and tearing. User-friendly design, you get to use your phone with one hand without the need for strong grip strength. Your phone can stand stably and benefits from its golden triangle structure, different sizes of phones can be used due to its strong structure.

Package Includes:
1 x stand

Color: Light Khaki
Product Dimensions: 98*64*4.2mm
Package Dimensions: 95*195*55mm
Net Weight: 25g
Package Weight: 38.1g
Material(s): PU+Removable Glue

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