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SmallRig Professional Accessory Kit for Sony FS5 2007C
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1.LCD Screen Mounting Clamp Adapter included

2.Provide soft shoulder pad

3.Metabones lens adapter support included

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SmallRig Professional Accessory Kit for Sony PXW-FS5/FS5 II 2007

SmallRig Professional Accessory Kit 2007 is exclusively designed for Sony FS5/FS5 II. On the Top Plate 1843, it comes with1/4’’ and 3/8’’ threaded holes, which could attach magic arms and then monitor. M2 threaded holes could attach the focal plane pin. LCD Screen Mounting Clamp Adapter 1831 could attach original small monitor, viewfinder and rod clamp.
The threaded holes on the Baseplate 1827 could attach a quick release plate and then sit on the tripod. On the front of the baseplate, it comes with 1/4’’ screw holes which could attach Lens Adapter Support 1896. The Shoulder Pad 2077 is compatible with a 15mm rod, and its balance could be adjusted for run-and-gun.
Extension arm with Arri rosette 1870 is adjustable, with 168-266mm extension length. With the Handgrip Adapter 2192, the FS5 original handgrip can be attached to the extension arm. Connected to the camera body with Lanc cable, it allows for remote control when the camera is on your shoulder.

Designer: Evans Pan


Package Includes:
1 x Extension Arm 1870
1 x Handgrip Adapter with Arri Rosette 2192
1 x 15mm Rod 1054
1 x Shoulder Pad 2077
1 x Top Plate 1843
1 x Baseplate 1827
1 x LCD Screen Mounting Clamp Adapter 1831
1 x Lens Adapter Support 1896
8 x 1/4’’ Screw
2 x Hex Spanner

Product Dimensions: 450 x 125 x 100mm
Net Weight: 1384g
Package Dimensions: 470 x 135 x 110mm
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy            

*Please note the import tax may occur.

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