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SmallRig QR NATO Handle (Rubber) with Safety Rail (Shipping Area: North America) 2084B
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1. QR Safety Rail 1409 could be detached from QR NATO Handle (Rubber) 2005 easily and quickly.

2. It could attach Magic Arm 1497 via cold shoe on the top for monitor.

3. It features strong universality and is compatible with all cage mounts.

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Note:This product is only shipped to the following Countries: United States and Canada.


SmallRig QR NATO Handle (Rubber) with Safety Rail 2084 is exclusively designed for all cage mounts in the market to bring out the camera’s maximum potential. It includes QR NATO Handle (Rubber) 2005 and QR Safety Rail 1409. It offers lots of possibilities for additional attachment as per your needs during shooting.

QR Safety Rail 1409 comes with spring-loaded pins on both ends to prevent accidental removal. It is compatible with NATO clamp. QR NATO Handle (Rubber) 2005 comes with a cold shoe on the top to mount standard shoe accessories. It could attach NATO rail and then be tightened via the wingnut, and it could be adjusted left and right on the rail to keep the balance. It is ergonomically designed and rubber coated, thus it offers a very good handheld experience for the cameraman.
QR Safety Rail 1409 could be mounted on the cage or the top plate via two 1/4’’ screws, and then NATO Handle (Rubber) 2005 could attach QR Safety Rail 1409 via rail clamp for handheld shooting.


Designer: Esther Chen

Note: This handle may interfere with Gimbals like DJI RONIN S / SC when used for handheld shooting.




Package Includes:
1 x QR NATO Handle (Rubber) 2005
1 x QR Safety Rail 1409
2 x 1/4’’-20 Screw
1 x Hex Spanner


Product Dimensions: 146 x 46 x 80mm
Net Weight: 190g
Package Size: 143 x 100 x 55mm
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy, Rubber

*Please note the import tax may occur.

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