SmallRig Top Handle Adapter 2175

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Designer: Bill Wang

SmallRig Top Handle Adapter 2175

Key Features:
1.Extend the handle and offers better handle experience.
2.Offers 1/4 and Arri holes for mounting monitor mounts.

SmallRig Top Handle Adapter 2175 is exclusively designed for SmallRig Handle 1955/1983/1984/1979. It could provide more mounting possibilities and convenience based on your needs during shooting.It comes with an Arri locating pin to mount on the Arri locating hole on the side of the handle. It is equipped with two 1/4”-20 and one Arri threaded holes on the top, whereby DSLR Monitor Holder Mount 1842 could be attached for monitor; or it could be mounted with Safety Rail 1409 for DSLR Monitor Holder 2100 and then monitor. When worked with a monitor on top, the Top Handle 1955 and the adapter together will provide you with a more balanced handheld shooting experience.

SmallRig Handle 1955/1983/1984/1979/2000

Package Includes
1 x Top Handle Adapter 2175
1 x Hex Spanner
1 x 3/8-16’’ Screw

Product Dimensions: 27 X 28 X21mm
Product weight: 59g
Net Weight: 74g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy